Multi-Volume Runs and Rare Book Sets


[003030] American Museum of Natural History. Marion B. Carr, Editor. Junior Natural History Magazine.1960- June 1963 Last Issue. ill. Photographs, Drawings. New York: American Museum of Natural History, 1960. Size: Approx. 7 " x 10 ". Paper Wraps. Natural History. Good+ or Better 36 issues. Final four years: 1960-63 ending with June 1963, the last issue. Some issues have small address label on front cover. Some have ex.mus. stamp on cover. all issues are Good+ or Better. $80.00


[002912] Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution. Report of the U.S. National Museum, 5 Separate Reports for Years 1905, 1908, 1918, 1919, and 1920.. ill. Plates. Washington: Government Printing Office, Green Cloth. Smithsonian. Good to Good+ All have plates except for 1905 annual report. One has Smithsonian Institution stamp on verso of title p. otherwise all interiors are tight, clean and in Very Good+ condition. Each volume includes lists of accesssions to the collections and a list of publications. Green silk binding, gilt titles. Exteriors are Good. Some minor soiling, fading to spines and rubbing on edges. Covers are sound. All top page edges "spotted" (foxing?). $90.00


[002780] . ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS MADE AT U.S. NAVAL OBSERVATORY during the years 1879-1890, 12 Volumes. ill. Tables, Black/White Plates and Colored Plates, Text Drawings(Figures). Fold-outs,. Washington: Government Printing Office, Size: Approx. 9 1/4" x 12". Green Cloth. Astronomy. Good 12 consecutive years in 12 volumes. 1880 Appendix: Great Comet of 1882. 1881 Appendices: Orbits of Oberon, Titania, and Neptune's satellite. 1882 Appendices: Orbit Iapetus, the outer satellite of Saturn, Annular Eclipse of the Sun March 13-16, 1885 with fold-outs and Flexure of Meridian Instruments. 1883 Appendices: Six Inner satellites of Saturn; Observations for stellar parallax; and Observatory Temperature Room and Competitive Trials so Chronometers in 1884 and 1886, including Plates, some of them fold-outs. 1884 Appendix: Catalogue of Stars observed at the United States Naval Observatory during the years 1845 to 1877. Third Edition. 1885 Appendices: The International Astrophotographic Congress and A Visit to Certain European Observatories and Other Institutions, by Albert G. Winterhalter; Saturn and its Ring, 1875-1889, by Asaph Hall; and The Solar Parallax and its related constants, including the Figure and Density of the Earth, by William Harkness, including Colored Plates; 1886 Appendix: Magnetic observations at the United States Naval Observatory , 1888 and 1889. 14 plates(all large fold-outs), by J.A. Hoogewerff. 1887 Appendices: C.C. March-Report upon some of the Magnetic Observatories of Europe. 6 plates; Hoogewerff, J.A.-Magnetic observations, 1890. 4 plates; and Eastman, J.R.-Meteorological observations and results, 1883-87. 1888 Appendices: Hall, Asaph: Observations of Double Stars. Part 2. 1880-91; and Hoogewerff, J.A.: Magnetic observations for 1891. 6 plates. 1889 Appendix: Brown (S.J.): Magnetic observations for 1892. and 1890 Appendix: A catalogue of 16,748 southern stars, deduced by the United States Naval Observatory from the zone observations made at Santiago de Chile by the U.S. Naval Astronomical Expedition to the Southern Hemisphere during the years 1849-'50-'51-'52. Lieut. J. M. Gillis, U.S. N., superintendent. Green cloth with gilt lettering on spine. 1879-82 spines read: Washington Astronomical and Meteorological Observations. 1883 reads:Washington Astronomical Observations. 1884-1890 reads:Washington Observations. All have "Year" on spine and 1"x1" ex-mus. paper label at base. 1885-90 volumes have "U.S. Naval Observatory" at base in gilt. Overall exteriors are Good to Good+. Spines rubbed/bumped at edges, some corners bumped. 1881 volume's corners rubbed to boards. Most have museum numbers on front endpapers, occasional mus. stamp. Only 3 volumes with numbers on title p. One volume's front hinge slightly broken, another volume's free endpaper with side tear 2" and back endpaper with mild foxing/mildew? otherwise all volumes are tight and interiors are Very Good to Very Good+. A handsome set. $600.00


[002117] Canady, John. Metropolitan Seminars in Art-Great Periods in Painting: 12 Portfolios. ill. color Plates. Metropolitan Museum of Art, The, 1959. Size:10" x 13". Art. Good to Very Good. "Art Seminars in the Home". Published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a course on art study. 12 Portfolios: WHAT IS A PAINTING, REALISM, EXPRESSIONISM, ABSTRACTION, COMPOSITION (Pictures as structures), COMPOSITION(Composition as expression), TECHNIQUES(Fresco), TECHNIQUES(Tempera and Oil), TECHNIQUES(Water Color, Pastel, Etching, Engraving), THE ARTIST AS A SOCIAL CRITIC, and THE ARTIST AS A VISIONARY. Each volume has a pocket with colored plates-frameable. Missing 19 of 144 plates. Two plates slightly damaged. Exteriors are Good to Very Good. Interiors are Very Good. Some yellowing in front hinge area. $55.00


[002645] . HARPER'S MONTHLY MAGAZINE, VOLs. 104 to 227. New York, NY: Harper & Brothers, 8vo. Bound Periodicals. Run from December 1901 through December 1963.. Remarkable unbroken run of 123 six-month bound volumes of one of America's premier literary journals. All ex-library, with modest markings .All volumes are in original bindings, in condition ranging from Fair to Fine externally, Good to Fine internally.. Vols.104-132 include some vols. which lack spines or pieces of spines. The latest 47 years, from 1916 to 1963 (Vol.133 to 227), are uniformly bound in matching black library buckram with gilt lettering, all Very Good Plus to Fine. Buyer to select shipping method, and to pay actual cost of shipping. Will require an estimated 20 shipping boxes. $6,200.00


[004974] Hallam, Henry. INTRODUCTION TO THE LITERATURE OF EUROPE IN THE FIFTEENTH, SIXTEENTH, AND SEVENTEENTH CENTURIES. 3 Volumes. London: John Murray, 1843. Second Edition. Size: Approx. 5 1/2" x 8 3/4". Europe. Good The volumes cover: Literature of Europe from the Middle Ages to 1700; History of Theological Literature in Europe from 1520 to 1700; History of Speculative, Moral, and Political Philosophy, and of Jurisprudence, in Europe, from 1520 to 1700; History of the Literature of Taste in Europe from 1520 to 1550; Scientific and Miscellaneous Literature of Europe from 1520 to 1550; History of Poetry from 1550 to 1700; History of Dramatic Literature from 1550 to 1700; History of Polite Literature in Prose from 1550 to 1700; History of Physical and Miscellaneous Literature from 1500 to 1700; History of Mathematical and Physical Science from 1600 to 1650. and History of some other Provinces of Literature from 1600 to 1650. VOLUME I: 568 pp. VOLUME II: 586 pp. VOLUME III: 648 pp. including Index. Volumes covers are brown paper? over boards. Spines reinforced with black tape. Paper labels on spine with typed letters. Covers rubbed, some stains. Corners bumped. Spine ends bumped/rubbed Overall covers are Good. Front hinge breaking in 2 volumes, one volume hinge broken on pp. 128-129; one volume pp.12-13 discoloration to pages as if another piece of paper left in at some time. Slight foxing to title pages, otherwise interiors are tight, clean and Very Good. Henry Hallam (1777-1859) was an English historian and best known for his books on European history and English constitutional history. May require extra postage. $100.00


[002370] . KOREAN FRONTIER, 5 Issues 1971. Seoul: The Korea Herald, 1971. Korea. Good+ to Very Good- 5 issues. March, May, June, July and August. ex-mus. stamp on cover. Crease down length as if folded ,otherwise all exteriors are Very Good. One issue tear on first page, bottom edge, otherwise all interiors are VG+. July issue on President Park's Inauguration. $16.50


[001144] THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE 1917-1956, 79 Volumes. ill. Photographs, Folding Maps. Washington: National Geographic Society, Size: Approx. 7 " x 10 ". Embossed Boards. National Geographic. Good- to Very Good- Vol. 31-110. 79 Volumes. Brown embossed covers with gilt. Circular globe with gilt propeller plane sitting on top. Gilt lettering on covers and spine. Exteriors: Good- to Very Good-. Ex. lib. markings: "date due" paper on endpaper and pocket with slip on free endpaper. Otherwise interiors are Very Good +. Only one paper label on spine. Can purchase the additional volumes from 1913-1916 and 1957-1999 in different bindings. $2,690.00


[001145] THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE 1957-1999, 82 Volumes. ill. Photographs, Folding Maps. Washington: National Geographic Society, Size: Approx. 6 1/2" x 10". Red Cloth. National Geographic. Good+ to Very Good. 1957-1999 86 vols. red cloth. Vols. are Jan-June and July-Dec. Missing Vol. 145, Jan-June 1974. Red cloth covers with library "coding" label on front. Spine with white lettering. 4 with paper label at spine base. Most bindings are bright, some dull. Three volumes are a brownish red. Good+ to Very Good. Free endpapers with library "date due" slip and markings on some colored front cover issues. Otherwise interiors: Near Fine. Can purchase the additional volumes from 1913-1916 and 1917-1956 in different bindings. $2,850.00


[001980] Outdoor Life. Tacklebox Library . 1971. Near Fine / G+ Slipcase. 5 Near Fine paperbacks in a slip cover case. Titles include: Freshwater Tackle by Baird Hall; Lures, Flies and Baits for Freshwater Fish by F. Philip Rice; Fish Cookery by Mel Marshall; Reading the Water: Where and When to Fish in Lakes and Streams by Joseph D. Bates, Jr.; Angler's Safety and First Aid by Mark Sosin. Light wear to each book spine ends, interiors are clean and books appear to be unread. Slipcase is Good+ with wear to edges, corners. $5.00


[002769] Davis, Rear-Admiral Charles H., Superintendent. PUBLICATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES NAVAL OBSERVATORY. Second Series. Volume I-XII. ill. Plates, Tables, Fold-outs, 2 Colored Plates. Washington: Government Printing Office, Size: Approx. 9" x 11 3/4". Green Cloth. Astronomy. Good to Very Good Set of 15. 1900-1929 publication dates. VOLUME I. Transit Circle Observations of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Miscellaneous Stars. 1894-1899. Professor William Harkness, and Professor A.N. Skinner. 1900 publication. VOLUME II. Zone Observations with the Nine-Inch Transit Circle. 1894-1901, by Aaron N. Skinner. 1902 publication. VOLUME III. Part I: Observations with the 26-Inch Equatorial, Part II and Part III: Observations with the 9-Inch Transit Circle, Part IV: Observations with the 6-Inch Transit Circle, Part V: Observations with the Prime Vertical Transit Instrument. 1903 publication. VOLUME IV. in Four Parts. Parts I to III. Part I: Transit Circle Observations of Sun, Moon, Planets, and Miscellaneous Stars, 1900-1903.;Part II: Transit Circle Observations of Sun, Moon, Planets, and Comets, 1866-1891.; Part III: Transit Circle Observations of Standard and Zodiacal Stars, 1901-1902. Part IV. Appendix I: Total Solar Eclipses of May 28, 1900 and May 17, 1901; Appendix II: Reduction Tables for Transit Circle Observations; Appendix III: Reduction Tables for Equatorial Observations; Appendix IV: The Present Status of the Use of Standard Time. 1906 publication.(2 volumes). VOLUME V. Meteorological Observations and Results. 1893-1902.1903 publication. VOLUME VI. Equatorial Observations, 1893-1907.; Observations of Satellites of the Major Planets; Measures of Diameters of Planets and Satellites; Observations of Double Stars; Observations of Minor Planets; Observations of Comets; Occultations of Stars by the Moon; Phenomena of Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn; Observations of Miscellaneous Stars; Observations of Transits of Mercury, November 10, 1894 and November 13, 1907. Appendix I: Miscellaneous Astronomical Papers by Members of the Naval Observatory Staff; Appendix II: Miscellaneous Reports on the Transit of Mercury of November 10, 1894; Appendix III: List of Publications issued by the United States Naval Observatory. 1911 publication. VOLUME VII. Catalogue of 23521 Stars for the Equinox 1850. From Zone Observations made at the United States Naval Observatory, 1846-1852. Compiled by W.S. Eichelberger and F.B. Littell. 1911 publication. VOLUME VIII. Vertical Circle Observations made with the Five-Inch Alt-Azimuth Instrument, 1898-1907, by F.B.Littell, G.A. Hill, and H.B. Evans. 1914 publication. VOLUME IX in four parts with Appendix. Part I: Results of Observations with the Nine-Inch Transit Circle, 1903-1911. Reduced under the Direction of W.S.Eichelberger. 1920 publication. Part II: Observations made with the Nine-Inch Transit Circle, 1903-1908, under the Direction of W.S.Eichelberger. 1915 publication. Part III,IV. Part III: Observations made with the Nine-Inch Transit Circle, 1908-1911, under the Direction of F.B.Littell. Part IV: Observations made with the Nine-Inch Transit Circle, 1912-1913, under the Direction of F.B.Littell. 1918 publication (3 vols.) VOLUME X in two parts. Part I:Observations made with the Prime Vertical Transit Instrument 1893-1912. by George A. Hill. Part II: Total Solar Eclipse 1905, 1918, 1923. 1926 publication. VOLUME XI. Results of Observations with the Six-Inch Transit Circle 1909-1918. Reduced under the direction of J.C. Hammond. Discussed by J.C. Hammond and C.B.Watts.; Results of Observations 1909-1918; Catalogue of 215 Stars for 1910.0; Catalogue of 2499 Stars for 1910.0 1927 publication. VOLUME Volume XII Two parts with Appendix. Part I: Equatorial Observations 1908-1926. Part II:Photographic Equatorial Observations. 1929 publication. Green pebbled cloth(some darker than others) with gilt lettering on spine. ex-mus. 4 have paper label at spine's base. Numbers on free endpaper and some with museum stamp also on free endp. some with stamp on title p. Three vols. have broken hinges, otherwise all interiors are tight and clean. Eight exteriors have "condensation" damage, on either spine or edges resulting in discoloration. But covers are thick and there is no damage to interior other than mild "waviness" in some, not all. Overall exteriors are Good to Very Good. All interiors are Very Good+. Numerous plates, 2 colored, some fold-outs. Vol. IV missing one plate but doesn't appear to have been removed. Scarce to have all 12 vols. $625.00


[002716] . PUBLICATIONS OF THE WASHBURN OBSERVATORY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN. Vol.VII Part I and Part II: Meteorological Observations, 1887-'88-'89. And 1890-'91-'92-'93. ill. Tables. Madison, WI: Democrat Printing Company, . Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10". Paper Wraps. Meteorology. Good, Good to Good- 1890, 1894 dates of publication. Part 1: 87 pp. Paper covers intact. ex.-mus. numbers on front cover. Covers mildly soiled, creased marks as if folded. Spine's paper chipped, missing 1" strip at base. In Good condition. Interior is tight, clean and VG+. Part 2:195 pp. Front cover with ex.mus. stamp and numbers. Back cover detached. Chipping to paper spine, 1 1/2" strip missing at top and base otherwise intact. Mildly soiled. exterior is Good to Good-. Interior is tight, clean and VG+. $150.00


[004291] Richardson, James D.. A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents 1789-1897. Ten Volumes. ill. Engravings. Washington: Goverment Printing Office, Size: Approx. 6 " x 9 ". Maroon Cloth. American Presidents. Good to Good+ Published by Authority of Congress. By James D. Richardson, A Representative from the State of Tennessee.Ten volumes.Publishing dates: 1896 (Vol.I)to 1899 (Vol.X). Vol.I starts with George Washington ending with Vol.IX with Grover Cleveland's second term. Vol.10 is Appendix and Index. Appendix with Messages, Proclamations, Executive Orders, Etc, Omitted from Volumes I to IX; William McKinley: Messages, Proclamations, Executive Orders Relating to the Spanish-American War, and Biographical Sketch. Included in each volume with the different Presidents is their engraved portrait, a biographical sketch, their Inaugural Address, Messages, and Proclamations. Engravings protected by tissue guards in each volume. ex.mus. numbers and stamp on front endpapers.Otherwise interiors are tight, clean and Very Good+. Maroon cloth binding with gilt lettering on spine."Richardson" name in gilt. Each volume with "Years" included in that volume in gilt. Gilt bands at top/base of spine. Base of spine has discoloration "square" from removed ex.mus.paper label. Some soiling,rubbing to covers. Overall Covers are Good to Good+. $175.00


[002335] . SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, 27 Issues 1968-1977 . ill. Photographs, Charts, Tables, Diagrams, Maps. New York: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN INC, Paper Wraps. Magazines. Very Good- 2 issues: 1968 (Jan. & Oct.); 2 issues: 1969 (March & July); 1 issue: 1970 (July); 1 issue: 1971 (Oct.); 8 issues: 1974 (Jan.,June, July, August-Dec); 7 issues: 1975 (Jan., Feb., April-May, July-August, & Oct.); 5 issues: 1976 (May-Aug. & Nov.), and 1 issue: 1977 (March). All colored covers are in VG- or better condition. Some covers are mildly soiled or foxed(?) at borders otherwise VG. Interiors of all are clean, tight, and in VG+ condition. $160.00