Frequently Asked Questions


I saw a category and/or certain title advertised on your website, but I could not find any more details. Can you help me?
Many catagories have yet to be fully indexed by individual title, most specifically magazines and periodicals. We have hundreds of old magazines and hundreds of vintage issues. We have listed them to let you know that we have them. Please contact us with your inquiry and we will be happy to look something up for you or give you more specific information on where you can find it.


Some categories say "Coming Soon". What does that mean?
We have thousands of books in a wide range of categories. We are currently in the process of indexing all of the titles and putting them for sale. By placing the category on the website, we hope that book enthusiasts will let us know what they need and be first in line to purchase the book. We may very well have what you are looking for and perhaps even more.


Why do some categories have only a few books in them?
Some categories are small because we have only indexed a few books in the particular area. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us and let us go to work for you.


Has Bee Creek Books really been owned by three members of the same family? That never happens anymore.
Yes, it's true. David Hellyer started it all. His daughter, Gloria, took over when he passed away in 2001. David's granddaughter, Katie, purchased the business from her aunt in January 2009. The books have traveled from coast to coast and have been handled with great loving care over the years. Three generations. It does still sometimes happen. Only time will tell if one of David's great-grandchildren (he has eleven of them) will share the same passion for books and continue the family legacy.


Description Legend 


Like many book dealers, we use quite a bit of shorthand in our descriptions. Here are some of the most common terms and their meanings:


8vo or octavo: An average sized book, about 8-10 inches high
4to or quarto: A somewhat larger book, perhaps 11-13 inches high
folio: A very large book, usually 13 or more inches high
o.n.: Owner's name inscribed somewhere within the book (we usually don't mention these or gift inscriptions unless unusual, famous or notorious)
ex-lib.: Ex-library, usually implying library markings are present
w/gilt: With gilt lettering and/or designs on cover
aeg: All edges gilt
teg: Top edge gilt
w.a.f.: With all faults, and such titles are customarily not returnable
b.o.c.: Because of condition
o.p.: Out-of-print, no longer available at publisher's issued price
pict.: Pictorial cover
o/w: Otherwise
n.d.: No date
n.p.: No place (references to date and place of publication)
dbd: Disbound, or removed from a book, document, monograph, etc.
USGS: United States Geological Survey

Condition ratings are: G=good; VG-very good; NF=near fine; F=fine; VF=very fine