About Us 

C. David Hellyer always had a passion for books and the written word.  During his lifetime, David searched the world high and low for collectible books.  When libraries and museums put their old content onto microfische, Bee Creek Books would obtain the original hardcopies.  David would go to auctions, sales, and fairs looking for books to add to his growing collection.  We believe his collection spans nearly 60 years.


For many years, David was the Inter-American Editor of the San Diego Union newspaper in San Diego, California.  Before his post at the newspaper, he taught journalism at San Diego State College.  He is also the author of several books and wrote articles that were printed in National Geographic Magazine.  Triligual in English, Spanish and Portuguese, David and his family lived in many Latin and South American countries, including Costa Rica, Brazil and Chile.  In 1983, he and his wife, Gloria, retired to the small community of Spring Grove, Minnesota.  They lived quietly and happily on a 85-acre farm complete with its own spring-fed trout stream called Bee Creek, which was the inspiration for the name of David's growing book business.  After David's passing in 2001, his daughter took over running Bee Creek Books and continued to index and sell the large collection.  In January 2009, David's granddaughter bought Bee Creek Books from her aunt and is thrilled to have the opportunity to dive into the world of antiquarian books.


Now operating out of historic Princeton, New Jersey, Bee Creek Books will continue to put the entire collection for sale.  Only a very small portion of our inventory has been indexed, and there are thousands of vintage books and rare periodicals yet to be discovered.


With clients in America and all over the world, Bee Creek Books in continuing to share its love for books and dedication to customer service.  Bee Creek Books aims to be an excellent resource for rare and out of print books.