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1 A Memorial Of Stephen Salisbury Of Worcester, Mass.
Worcester Press of Charles Hamilton 1885 Cloth Good- Biography Size: Approx. 7 " x 10 3/4" 
On front free endpaper, 6"x3" strip of paper, glued down on one side: "With the respects of Stephen Salisbury. Worcester, Massachusetts. Contents: Biographical Notice; Notices by the Worcester Press; Notices of the Funeral; From Yucatan Newspapers; Proceedings of Societies; Sermon and Eulogy by Rev. A.P. Peabody; Memoir by Hon. John D. Washburn; Proceedings of other Institutions; and Extracts from Private Letters including a Letter of Hon. George Bancroft. 158 pp. Covers worn. Corners rubbed/frayed to boards. Spine joints splitting/fraying and spine ends fraying. Back cover's spine joints with some small holes?. Front lower cover with scuffing? worn area. Covers are overall Good-. Hinges broken. Frontis. engraving portrait of Stephen Salisbury. Interior is clean, tight and in Very Good condition. Stephen Salisbury I had established Worcester as a center of trade between the ports of Boston and Providence and the hundreds of small towns in the interior New England in the early 19th century. He had extensive land holdings in Worcester, including most of the west side of the city, which he passed on to his son. 
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Boston Office of the Freemasons' Magazine 1852 Paper Cover Good Speech Size: Approx. 5 3/4" x 9" 
Grand Master's address to the distinguished Brother Louis Kossuth, the celebrated Hungarian exile, and the lack of Freemason's presence in Europe. Also included is a response by Gov. Kossuth. 8 pp. White pamphlet with dirt smudges along edges, small tear to spine, bent corners, creasing. Interior has dirt smudges and creasing, but text is easily legible. Pamphlet in Good condition. 
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3 POPULAR SCIENCE NEWS AND BOSTON JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY.1892-Complete year. 12 issues. Vol. XXVI: Number 1-12. January-December.
Boston Popular Science News Co. 1892 Wraps Good or Better Science Size: Approx. 9 1/2" x 12" Figures (line drawings), Tables, 
Articles by Harlan Hoge Ballard,"then" President of the Agassiz Association; and THE NEW STAR IN AURIGA, by Charles Augustus Young. Articles include: NOVELITIES IN PHOTOGRAPHY (6 etchings); WATER AND AIR BAROMETERS (2 etchings); PHOTOGRAPHING LIGHTING-STROKES(1etching); FLINT IMPLEMENTS OF COCHIN CHINA (1etching); SOME CURIOUS MINERALS (5 ETCHINGS); ABOUT LICHENS(17 etchings); MIMICRY IN ANIMALS (3 etchings); EXPERIMENTS WITH WATER-JETS(3 ETCHINGS); EVOLUTION FOR THE CONTINENTS( 4 etchings); MINIATURE SUN-DIALS (4 etchings); SOUP-BUBBLES (6 etchings); JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER (2 etchings); SIMPLIFIED COMPOUND LEAVES (8 etchings). Includes monthly section on MEDICINE and PHARMACY, ASTRONOMICAL PHENOMENA and METEOROLOGY. December Issue includes Index for the Year with List of Articles. All are in Good or better condition. One issue will ex-mus. numbers on front cover (advertisement page). May issue does not have 2 pages of advertisements as its "covers", all the other issues do. Covers lightly soiled or age-toned around borders. One issue torn area on cover (advertisements), but all there. One issue's side edge with tear, but intact. Overall interiors are clean, tight, and in Very Good condition. 
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Boston Beals & Greene 1850 Wraps Good+ American History Size: Approx. 5 3/4" x 9 1/2" 
"The Citizens of Boston and its vicinity, who reverence the Constitution of the United States; who wish to discountenance a spirit of disobedience to the laws of the land, and refer all questions arising under those laws to the proper tribunals; who would regard with disfavor all further popular agitation of subjects which endanger the peace and harmony of the Union, and who deem the preservation of the Union the paramount duty of every citizen, are requested to meet and express their sentiments on the present posture of public affairs, in Faneuil Hall..." 46 pp. Blue paper wraps have significant dirt smudges, chipping to edges, bent corners, tears to spine. Crease that runs throughout the middle of the document. Interior clean. Pamphlet in Good+ condition. 
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5 SCIENCE, December 18, 1885. Volume VI. No. 150
New York The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good+ Science Size: Approx. 7 1/2" x 10 1/4" Etching 
With Science Supplement. Some articles: "The Meeting of the American Public Health Association"; "The government and its scientific bureaus" and "Methods of teaching political economy". Articles by or about Famous Americans: in Letters to the Editor: "NEWCOMB's Political Economy"; LESTER F. WARD "A National university"; P. J. FARNSWORTH "The English sparrow"; and WILLIAM FERREL "The temperature of the moon". In Science Supplement:.I. C. RUSSELL "North Carolina coal-fields"; "Laying a Cable" (joining the two islands Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket); "Physics at Johns Hopkins"; and "The American ferret" with an illustration of one. Covers slightly soiled. Slight chipping at edges. Overall covers are Good+. Interior is tight, clean and VG+. Supplement"s edges lightly soiled/chipped, otherwise in VG condition. 
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6 SCIENCE, March 13, 1885. Volume V. No. 110
Cambridge The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good to Good- Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Foldout Map, Drawings 
Some articles: "The Solar Eclipse of March 16" with illustration; "The Hudson-Bay Expedition of 1884" by Wm. P. Anderson with 2 illustrations and foldout "Chart showing the track of the 'S.S. Neptune' Hudson's Bay Expedition 1884"- Chart is 13"x10"; "The Annisquam Seaside Laboratory"; and "The Prehistoric Congress at Lisbon". Some soiling to paper covers. Side edge with tears. Some chipping to bottom edge. Small watermark at top edge, barely goes through. Covers intact. Overall exterior is Good to Good-. Interior is tight, clean and VG+. Foldout chart is Very Good-. 3/4" tear at edge, along border of chart. 2 small missing pieces along bottom edge, not near border of chart. 
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7 SCIENCE, March 20, 1885. Volume V. No. 111
Cambridge The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Etchings,diagrams, Drawings 
Articles by Famous Americans: JOHN TROWBRIDGE " The Jefferson physical laboratory"(at Harvard University) with engraving of the facility and 4 layout diagrams; JOSEPH F. JAMES "Evidences of beaches in the Cincinnati group" with one illustration; and DAVID P. TODD "Researches in stellar parallax"with one illustration. Other articles: "Coffins of the Seventh Century" with one illustration and under Notes and News, a paragraph on a "new loud-speaking telephone" with an illustration of one. Under Letters to the Editor, a short paragraph from D.P.TODD "Solar eclipse of March 16. Other Letters to Editor: "Hereditary abnormality of sense-organs" by W.J. McGee with illustration and "Economy of fuel" by Bailey Willis with illustration. Some soiling to paper covers. Side edge with mild chippings.Very little to bottom edge. Covers intact. Overall exterior is Good. Interior is tight, clean and VG+. 
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8 SCIENCE, October 30, 1885. Volume VI. No. 143
New York The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good to Good+ Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Etching 
With Science Supplement. Articles by Famous Americans: F.W. PUTNAM "Man and the mastodon" (found in Worchester County, Mass.). In Letters to the Editor: ALPHEUS HYATT "Cruise of the Arethusa"; and EDWARD S. HOLDEN "The care of pamphlets". In Science Supplement:" The Nordenfelt submarine boat" with illustration. Other articles: "The International Geological Congress at Berlin"; " Localization of Functions in the Brain"; plus "Geographical Notes" (Lieut. H.T. Allen's expedition to Copper or Atna River and Lieutenant Cantwell's exploration of the Kowak River); "Astronomical Notes" (Small versus large telescopes, Comet 1885. III.(Brooks), New variable in Cygnus, Common decimal unit of circular measure,and Gould's Zone Catalogue). ex.mus. stamp on front cover. Slightly soiled. Vertical crease, goes through, but very minor. some mild chipping to edges, exterior is Good to Good+. Interior is tight, clean and Very Good +. Supplement's border mildly soiled. Some pages uncut. Overall Supplement is VG-. 
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Boston S. E. Cassino & Co. 1883 Wraps Good+ or Better Science Size: Approx. 6 " x 9 1/2" 
January-October 1883. Vol.I, No.3 January 15, 1883 Articles: Cuvier, and English Universities. Vol. I, No.6 April 16, 1883, Article: American Museums, Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia, PA. Vol.I, No.7 May 15, 1883, Articles: American Museums, The American Museum of Natural History, New York City, and American Archaeology: The Work of the Peabody Museum. Vol.I, No.8 June 15, 1883, Articles: American Museums: The Lyceum of Natural History at Williams College, American Archaeology: The Work of the Peabody Museum (continued), The Atlantic Right Whales, and Land Leeches of Ceylon. Vol.I, No.12 October 15, 1883 (last issue of "first volume") Article: Color Sense In Man. All issues include articles of Scientific Notes, Book Reviews and publication ads. some issues have uncut pages. ex-mus. numbers on front. lightly soiled covers otherwise Good+ or better. Interiors are clean, tight and VG. 
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10 Scribner's Monthly, Volume 12 from May 1876 to Oct 1876
New York Scribner & Co 1876 Leather Good+ Bound Magazine Size: Approx. 6 3/4" x 9 1/2" Engravings 
Numerous articles by famous authors: John Burroughs; Ernest Ingersoll, Rebecca Harding Davis; Henry James, Jr; Edward Everett Hale; Bret Harte; Philip Bourke Marston; Fanny Hodgson Burnett; etc. Articles include: Portraiture of William Penn; The True Pocahontas; Bowdoin College; John Gutenberg, Old Landmarks in Philadelphia; How America was Named; Union College, N.Y.; Charlotte Cushman; The Story of the Signing (Declaration of Independence); Harvard University; Wesleylan University, Conn; Oliver Madox Brown; Niagara; Insanity and its Treatment; Notes on Salmon Fishing; Massachusetts Agricultural College; John Chinaman in San Francisco by Thomas J. Vivian; Gabriel Conroy, by Bret Harte (Conclusion: Chapters XXXIII-LVI); That Lass O'Lowrie's by Fanny Hodgson Burnett,(Chapters I-VIII) Bride of the Rhine, by George E. Waring, Jr.; Philip Nolan's Friends by Edward Everett Hale (Chapters XII-XXXIII). 916 pp. Profusely illustrated. 3/4 leather covers with gilt lettering/decor on the spine. Edges /spine joints rubbed. Overall covers are Good. Watermark on top page edge which shows on top margin of text from pp. 481 to end. Never on text. Otherwise interior is tight, clean and Very Good. Historical stories of the times. 
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11 The United States Magazine, and Democratic Review
New York J.& H.G. Langley 1841 Wraps Fair Single Issue Magazine Size: Approx. 6 " x 9 " Frontis Engraving 
October 1841. No covers. Contents: DR CHANNING'S RECENT WRITINGS; A SABBATH AMONG THE HILLS; FREE TRADE, Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons on Import Duties with the principal Evidence; GRASSMERE AND RYDAL WATER, by Mrs. Sigourney; POLITICAL PORTRAITS WITH PEN AND PENCIL-No.XXVI. FRANCIS THOMAS OF MARYLAND; FELICITY. From the German of Goethe, by James K. Armstrong; THE FIRST MEETING OF JEFFERSON AND BURR; THE LIGHT OF LIFE, by C. W. Denison; ANTON'S DICTIONARY AND DEFENCE; SONNETS ON CHARACTER, by B. F. Butler-V. JOHN CALVIN, VI. WILLIAM PENN; and POLITICAL PORTRAITS WITH PEN AND PENCIL-No.XXVII. MARCUS MORTON OF MASSACHUSETTS( with a fine Engraving on steel). First 36 pages "Monthly Literary Advertiser" with ads. Some foxing-heaviest on first few pages. Frontis. engraving of Marcus Morton protected with foxed tissue guard. Mild foxing around engraving-not on portrait. pp.315-408. String-tied. Text is tight. Mild foxing. Doesn't interfere with text. Text is Good. Have to list publication as Fair because covers are missing. Dr. Channing was an honorary transcendentalist, as an active Unitarian minister whose productive years predated and anticipated many of the ideas adopted by Emerson and Parker, in particular, so much that Emerson would say respectfully, "he is our Bishop." Lydia Huntley Sigourney née Lydia Howard Huntley (September 1, 1791 - June 10, 1865) was an extremely popular American poet during the early and mid 19th century. She was commonly known as the "Sweet Singer of Hartford." Most of her works were published with just her married name "Mrs. Sigourney." Francis Thomas (February 3, 1799-January 22, 1876) was a Maryland politician who served as Governor of Maryland from 1842-1844. He also served as a United States Representative from Maryland. Marcus Morton (December 19, 1784-February 6, 1864) was a lawyer, jurist, and politician from Taunton, Massachusetts. He represented Massachusetts in the United States House of Representatives and served two terms as Governor of Massachusetts. The United States Magazine and Democratic Review began publication with the October 1837 issue. In 1852 its name changed to Democratic Review, and it seems to have ceased publication or been absorbed into other magazines not long afterward. 
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Boston Local Committee 1880 Paper Cover Very Good Massachusetts Size: Approx. 6 " x 9 1/4" 
Prepared by the Local Committee on the American Association for the Advancement of Science, for Distribution to Members of the Association, at the Boston Meeting, August, 1880. "In Boston, the different societies are first mentioned; next, the educational institutions, excepting such as belong to Harvard University, which will be found under Cambridge, with the other departments of the University; a notice of the Museum of Fine Arts closes the list." Signed by J. Duncan Putnam, Aug. 25, 1880, on top front cover. 27 pp. Gray stiff paper covers. Cover corners are bumped, edges are chipped with some creasing, cover faces are browning along edges and some ink spots on back, tears to spine ends. Ink spots on pages 24-25, otherwise interior pages are clean. Document in VG condition. 
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Washington U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 1857 Paperbound Good to Good+ Map Size: Approx. 36" x 28 1/2" Fold Out Map 
Triangulation by A.D. Bache Supdt. and C.O. Boutelle Assistant. Topography by J.B. Gluck, H.I. Whiting, J.S. Williams Assists. & S.A. Gilbert Sub-Asst. Hydrography by the Party under the command of C.H. Davis Lieut. U.S. Navy Assistant. Original, first edition published map of Boston Bay and Boston Harbor by the U.S. Coast Survey. Detailed insets include information about the Tides and Tidal Currents, Light Houses and Light Vessels, and detailed Sailing Directions approaching Boston Bay, the Main Ship Channel, and Ranges Through the Bay. Illustrations at the bottom of the map include views of Passing Nix's Mate and Deer Island Beacon; Boston Light bearing WNW for clearing Thieves Ledge; Entering Nantasket Roads Long Island; South Channel Broad Sound and Nix's Mate on the middle of the Northern and highest of the Blue Hills; Passing George's Island Nix's Mate on the middle of Bunker Hill Monument. Map has been separated from original document and paper attachment remains on side with tears and creases. Evidence of top of blue library (?) stamp along one crease on back of map, but does not interfere with any details on front of map. Tears to most of the crease corners from age and use. Browning along creases . Overall map is in Good to Good+ condition, particularly for being more than 150 years old. Scarce. 
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14 Bancroft, Aaron The World Passeth away; but the Children of God abide forever. A Sermon, Delivered before the Second Christian Church and Society in Worcester, on the Sixth Day of January, 1811
Worcester Isaac Sturtevant 1811 Wraps Good to Good+ Sermon Size: Approx. 5 " x 8 1/4" 
Aaron Bancroft,clergyman, born in Reading, Massachusetts, in 1755 ; died in 1839. graduated from Harvard College in 1778. In 1785 he was settled in Worcester as pastor of the Congregational Church, and remained in the same post until his death. Grayish blue paper wraps, nothing on wraps. small hole( 1/16" x1/16" ) through the pamphlet,. Doesn't interfere with text. Foxing on endp. Includes history of Worchester, Mass. Interior is tight and in Very Good condition. 
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Boston Press of A. A. Kingman 1876 Paper Cover Good+ Geology Size: Approx. 5 3/4" x 9 1/4" 
Under the Direction of the Massachusetts Commission to the Centennial Exposition. Distributed by the Boston Society of Natural History at the request of the Centennial Commissioner for Massachusetts. 52 pp. Paper covers missing. String-tied binding. Document corners and edges are chipped, paper is browning. Text is easily legible, no marks or writing. Document in Good+ condition. 
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16 Department of Commerce and Labor BULLETIN OF THE BUREAU OF FISHERIES, VOL. XXXI (2 Parts) 1911
Washington Government Printing Office 1913 Cloth Very Good, Good + No Jacket Fishery Bulletin Size: Approx. 7 1/2" x 10 3/4" Charts,Tables, Foldout Maps 
A Biological Survey of the Waters of Woods Hole and Vicinity, in Two Parts. Part I: Section I Physical & Zoological by Francis B. Sumner, Raymond C. Osburn and Leon J. Cole. Section II: Botanical by Bradley N. Davis. Exterior: Very Good. Slight scratching on back cover, spine faded but gilt lettering visible. Ex.Mus. stamp and number on title page o/w interior is clean, tight and in Very Good + Condition.(Second Book) Part II: Section III- A Catalogue of the Marine Fauna by Francis B. Sumner, Raymond C. Osburn and Leon J. Cole.Section IV- A Catalogue of the Marine Flora by Bradley N. Davis. Exterior: Good + .Covers some soil, spine faded but gilt lettering very visible, soiled at upper spine edge, top right corner's edge bumped/creased. Ex.Mus. stamp and number on title page o/w interior is clean, tight and in Very Good + Condition. Index of Systematic Names. 860 pp.total 
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17 Essex Institute BULLETIN OF THE ESSEX INSTITUTE, 1869-1872 (VOL. 1-4)
Salem, Massachusetts Essex Institute Press 1870 Hard Cover Very Good Massachusetts Size: Approx. 5 1/2" x 9 1/4" 
Volume 1-2: 160 pp. and 178 pp. Ex. library with identification stamp on lower spine, bookplate on front inside cover. Black pebbled cover with gilt lettering on spine. Cover corners boards and areas on the edges are exposed and spine edges are frayed. Front freepaper corner is dog-earred. Page edges are slightly browning. Volume 3-4: 178 pp. and 179 pp. Ex. library with identification stamp on lower spine, bookplate on front inside cover. Black pebbled cover with gilt lettering on spine. Cover corners boards and areas on the edges are exposed and spine edges are frayed. Front hinge broken. Interior page edges are browning and some pages have light foxing. Books are in VG condition. 
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Washington Peter Force 1838 Paper Cover Good Massachusetts Size: Approx. 6 1/4" x 9 1/2" 
"Note. Governour Dudley was one of the five undertakers of the Settlement of Massachusetts, and came over with the Charter in 1630. The following Letter, addressed to the Countess of Lincoln, in whose family he had been steward nine or ten years, was written nine months after his arrival, and contains the events pertaining to the Colony during that period." 19 pp. String-tied document. Many pages uncut. Page edges are chipped and some small tears, corners creased. Foxing and browning throughout, text is easily legible. Document in Good/Good+ condition. 
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19 Gifford, S.N. And Wm. S. Robinson Manual for the Use of the General Court: Containing the Rules of the Two Branches, Together with the Constitution...1865
Boston Wright & Potter State Printers 1865 Cloth Good- Massachusetts Size: Approx. 4 " x 6" Foldouts 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Containing the Rules and Orders of the Two Branches, Together with The Constitution of the Commonwealth, and that of the United States and A List of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Departments of the State Government, State Institutions and Their Officers, County Officers and Other Statistical Information. 2 double spread foldouts: Diagram of the Senate Chamber with sitting and names; and Diagram of the House of Representatives with sitting and names. 267 pp. Brown cloth. Spine cloth missing. Covers still attached. Front cover with gilt lettering and Seal. ex.lib. bookplate on front endpaper and numbers on front free endpaper. Back hinge starting to break. Covers are Good-. Interior is tight, clean and Very Good. 
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Washington Government Printing Office 1915 Paper Cover Very Good Ichthyology Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 3/4" Plates 
From Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries, Volume XXXIII, 1913. Document No. 810. Issued April 29, 1915. "While studying the Sporozoa in different species of fish at Woods Hole, Mass., in 1909, the myxospore of one was observed in diseased killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus and Fundulus majalis. Additional material was obtained and some special experiments were carried out during the seasons of 1910, 1911, 1912, and 1913, the United States Bureau of Fisheries providing the facilities for this and other similar studies at its Woods Hole biological laboratory...." 2 plates with 36 illustrations. pp.193-214 including explanations of figures on plates. Green stiff covers. ex. mus. stamp and numbers on front cover. Otherwise covers are Very Good+. ex. mus. stamp on title page. Otherwise interior is clean, tight and Very Good+. 
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