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Menasha, WI Lloyd Library and Museum Wraps Very Good to Very Good+ Biology Size: Approx. 6 3/4" x 9 3/4" Figures(plates), Photographs, 
36 issues.1940-1943 and 1945-1947 Complete. 4 issues per year. 1944, 1948 and 1949: no issues; 1950: 3 issues: (March, June, & Dec.); and 1951: 1 issue (March). Last 3 issues have ex.-mus. stamp on front cover. Several covers mildly soiled otherwise all exteriors are VG+. Some soiling to side edges. No tears. 1940 Sept. issue, 4 pages loose, side edge lightly chipped, not on text/plates, otherwise all interiors are clean, tight, and in VG+ to Near Fine condition. 
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New York Boards Fair Bound Magazine Size: Approx. 6 1/4" x 9 1/2" Illustrated 
"To give an impetus to this desire for useful information, as well as to afford an opportunity to those who would communicate their ideas of inventions and improvements, the Mechanics' Magazine was projected, and we have noe to congrtulate our subscribers on the completion of the first volume." Frontispiece of Benjamin Franklin and Eli Whitney. Volume I, 344 pp., Printed 1833; Volume II, 332 pp., Printed 1834; Appendix, 84 pp. Marbled boards with leather reinforced corners and joints. Cover boards completely separated from book. Missing spine. Cover corners, edges, faces and spine are scuffed and worn. Marbled endpapers. Ex. library with bookplate on front inside cover, stamp on free endpaper. Front pages are starting to separate from bottom at spine edge. Interior is browning and foxing throughout. Waviness to interior pages, some corners are dog-earred. Book in Fair condition. Scarce copy of early scientific magazines. 
Price: 350.00 USD
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3 POPULAR SCIENCE NEWS AND BOSTON JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY.1892-Complete year. 12 issues. Vol. XXVI: Number 1-12. January-December.
Boston Popular Science News Co. 1892 Wraps Good or Better Science Size: Approx. 9 1/2" x 12" Figures (line drawings), Tables, 
Articles by Harlan Hoge Ballard,"then" President of the Agassiz Association; and THE NEW STAR IN AURIGA, by Charles Augustus Young. Articles include: NOVELITIES IN PHOTOGRAPHY (6 etchings); WATER AND AIR BAROMETERS (2 etchings); PHOTOGRAPHING LIGHTING-STROKES(1etching); FLINT IMPLEMENTS OF COCHIN CHINA (1etching); SOME CURIOUS MINERALS (5 ETCHINGS); ABOUT LICHENS(17 etchings); MIMICRY IN ANIMALS (3 etchings); EXPERIMENTS WITH WATER-JETS(3 ETCHINGS); EVOLUTION FOR THE CONTINENTS( 4 etchings); MINIATURE SUN-DIALS (4 etchings); SOUP-BUBBLES (6 etchings); JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER (2 etchings); SIMPLIFIED COMPOUND LEAVES (8 etchings). Includes monthly section on MEDICINE and PHARMACY, ASTRONOMICAL PHENOMENA and METEOROLOGY. December Issue includes Index for the Year with List of Articles. All are in Good or better condition. One issue will ex-mus. numbers on front cover (advertisement page). May issue does not have 2 pages of advertisements as its "covers", all the other issues do. Covers lightly soiled or age-toned around borders. One issue torn area on cover (advertisements), but all there. One issue's side edge with tear, but intact. Overall interiors are clean, tight, and in Very Good condition. 
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Washington Government Printing Office Wraps Good or Better National Academy of Sciences Size: Approx. 5 3/4" x 9" Tables, Colored Maps, 
For the years: 1883,1884,1885, 1887, 1888, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905,1907 and 1914. 22 individual years. Some articles (Appendices) include: Report on Methylated Spirits & Glucose (1883), Report on the National Surveys and Signal Service (1884), Report on the Astronomical Day,The Eclipse of the Sun in 1886, and The Erection of a new Naval Observatory (1885), Report on Opium, 1887 and Report on the International Astronomical Congress, Held in Paris, April, 1887.(1887), Preliminary Report on the Investigation of the North Magnetic Pole (1890), Standards for Electrical Measure (1894), Specifications for the Practical Application of the Definitions of the Ampere and Volt (1895),Scientific Surveys of the Philippine Islands (1904),and Biographical Notes on Deceased Members (1914). ex-mus. stamp on front covers and some have numbers. Overall covers are Good or Better. Some soiling, chipping and occasional.missing pieces. 1904 covers detached with tears and missing piece, 1 3/4"x1/2" on back cover and title p. tear at spine gutter. All interiors are Very Good, tight and clean. 5 reports have museum stamp on title p. 
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5 SCIENCE RECORD (Formerly Scientific and Literary Gossip), Three Issues 1883-1884.
Boston S. E. Cassino & Co. 1883 Wraps Good Science Size: Approx. 6 " x 9 3/4" Figures (line drawings) 
A monthly journal of Notes and News in all departments of Science. 3 issues: Dec.15,1883 (Vol. 11, No.2); Jan.15, 1884 (Vol.II, No. 3) and Oct.15,1884 (Vol.II, No.12). Articles include: A NEW MICROSCOPE SLIDE CABINET, RESEARCHES ON BACTERIA, MICROSCOPY, SOCIETY OF NATURALISTS IN EASTERN UNITED STATES, BATS, CALIFORNIA SPIDERS, BIRDS, CRUSTACEA, ROCK SECTIONS, WINES, and HARMONY OF THE SPHERES. Jan.1884 issue pages mainly uncut. Illustrations, including publisher advertisements. Paper covers mildly soiled, string-tied. Oct.1884 issue's covers detached from text with tears, still intact. Overall exteriors are Good. Interiors are clean, tight and Very Good. 
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6 SCIENCE, A Weekly Newspaper of All the Arts and Sciences, January 24, 1890
New York N. D. C. Hodges 1890 Paper Cover Good+ Science Size: Approx. 9" X 12" Maps, Figures (line drawings) 
Some Articles: A Steel Pressure-Blower with illustration of one; The Tobacco-Plant; What Stanley Has Done For The Map of Africa with 2 maps: Central Africa, Before Stanley, and Central Africa, After Stanley; Useful Plants in Guatemala; and The Fiske Range-Finder with 6 illustrations. Under Industrial Notes: The Hulin Diary Calendar with an illustration of one." This unique memorandum calendar, manufactured by John S. Hulin, stationer, combines a diary and a calendar in one". 2 sets of ex-mus. numbers on front cover. Slight soiling and chipping around bottom edge, otherwise exterior is VG. Interior is clean, tight and VG+. 
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7 SCIENCE, A Weekly Newspaper Of All The Arts And Sciences, February 13, 1891
New York N.D.C. Hodges 1890 Paper Cover Good Science Size: Approx. 9" X 12" 
"Main" article: AFRICAN AND AMERICAN: THE CONTACT OF NEGRO AND INDIAN. pp.85-90. Other articles: Brown Rot in Grapes; The Name "America", and Scientific Results of Nansen's Journey Across Greenland. total pp. 85-98. Advertisement covers. ex.mus. small label and numbers on front. 4" tear at paper spine, otherwise covers are VG-. Interior is clean, tight and VG. 
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8 SCIENCE, April 17, 1885. Volume V. No. 115
Cambridge The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good+ or Better Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Engravings, Drawings, Tables 
Article by Famous American: A. W. GREELY "The scientific results of the Lady Franklin Bay expedition" with full page illustration of "The station of the Greely Party at Lady Franklin Bay". Other articles: "Footprints in the rocks of Colorado" by H.W. Parker with 2 illustrations; and "Successful extraction of a bullet from the brain" with 2 illustrations. Under News and Notes, a paragraph on the "remarkable halo seen in Orleans, France on " 17th of January last" with an drawing of the "halo". Paper covers lightly soiled with light chipping around edges, otherwise Good+. Back cover's lower corner folded back. Interior is tight, clean and VG+. 
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9 SCIENCE, August 12, 1887
New York The Science Company 1887 Paper Cover Good Science Size: Approx. 9" X 12" Engravings 
Some Articles: What American Zoologists have done for Evolution, by E.W. Morse. Laid in page with portrait engraving of Morse; Economy in Management of Soil, by H. E. Alvord; Prehistoric Chronology of America by D.G. Brinton; The Sonora Earthquake with illustration and Chemical Laboratory of the University of Nebraska with 5 illustrations. Front wrap detached but intact. ex-mus mailing label and numbers on front. Slightly soiled. Overall exterior is Good to Good+. interior is clean, and tight and VG+. Engraving of Morse, top border watermarked. Not on portrait. From SCIENCE, Aug. 20, 1886. 
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10 SCIENCE, August 14, 1885. Volume VI. No. 132
Cambridge The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good to Good+ Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Etching 
Some articles include: "Official Scrutiny of the U.S. Coast-Survey"; "The British Museum of Natural History" by Frederick W. True with a full page illustration of the Main Facade of the Museum on Cromwell Road; "Immortality in modern thought" by Joseph Le Conte; "Vegetable Morphology a Century Ago-Goethe" by T.H. McBride; and "An Attempt to Photograph the Solar Corona Without an Eclipse" by Wm. H. Pickering. Also included Letters to the Editor and Notes and News. Famous Americans in publication: Frederick William True; and Joseph LeConte. Tiny chipping around side/bottom edge. Overall covers are Good+. Interior is tight, clean and VG. 
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11 SCIENCE, August 17, 1883. No. 28
Cambridge Science Company 1883 Wraps Good to Good+ Science Size: Approx. 7 1/2" x 10 1/2" Figures (line drawings), Map, Chart 
Articles:The Igloo of the Innuit. -I; On the Development of the Pituitary Body in Petromyzon, and the Significance of that Organ in other Types with 6 illustrations; The Weather in June, 1883 with map, table and ice chart for 1883; The Fall of a Balloon (hot air) with 6 illustrations; Some Unsolved Problems in Geology by Dr. J. W. Dawson; plus Weekly Summary of the Progress of Science with "reports" in Chemistry, Agriculture (with table), Meteorology, Geography, and Zoology with illustration of a Restoration of Brontosaurus. pp.181-210. Front wrap advertisement for The Revere Rubber Co. ex.-mus. stamp and numbers at top margin. mildly soiled with chipping around edges. Overall exterior is Good to Good+. Interior pages slightly brownish age-toned around edges, otherwise interior is tight, clean and Very Good. 
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12 SCIENCE, August 27, 1886. Volume VIII. No. 186
New York The Science Company 1886 Wraps Good Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Etching 
Articles by Famous Americans: J. WILLARD GIBBS: Multiple algebra. in Letters to the Editor: WILLIAM NORTH RICE: The eccentricity theory of the glacial period;HENRY B. BAKER: The causation of pneumonia; and E.W.EVANS: The sweating sickness. Another article:"A New Submarine Torpedo Boat" with illustration. ex.mus.numbers on front cover. mildly soiled. watermark along top edge of front cover and on first page top margin inside. watermark at spine hinge. small chipping around edges. Overall covers are Good. Interior is tight, clean and VG. 
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13 SCIENCE, August 28, 1885. Volume VI. No. 134
Cambridge The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Foldout Map, Etchings 
Articles about/or by Famous Americans: "Biographical Sketch of the President of the Association"(HUBERT ANSON NEWTON) with portrait illustration; 2 articles about HENRY STANLEY: "The Kongo Free State"; and "Stanley's Kongo" including a large foldout Map of Central Africa and the Kongo Free State. In Letters to the Editor: THEO. GILL "Man's Ancestry". Other articles: "Composite Portraiture" with illustration; and "The Yacht Puritan" with 2 illustrations.Lightly soiled. Tiny chipping around side/bottom edge.Crease down middle. Overall covers are Good. Interior is tight, clean and VG. Map is Very Good-. Two tears at middle fold. 
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14 SCIENCE, August 31, 1883. No. 30.
Cambridge The Science Company 1883 Wraps Good Science Size: Approx. 7 1/2" x 10 1/4" Etchings, Tables, Graph 
Articles: Notes on the Geology of the Troad, by J.S. Diller; Occurrence of Mound-Builders Pipes in New Jersey, by Charles C. Abbott with an illustration; The Igloo of the Innuit. -III. with 9 illustrations; Minnesota Weather; Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Geology of Philadelphia by Henry Carvill Lewis; The Iroquois Book of Rites; The Evidence for evolution in the history of the extinct Mammalia with a table; A classification of the natural sciences by T. Sterry Hunt with a table; Orbit of the great comet of 1882 by Edgar Frisbie; The tornado at Racine, May 18, 1883 ; A Method for the calibration of a galvanometer with an illustration; The utilization of the sun's rays for warming and ventilating apartments by E. S. Morse; New form of selenium cell, with some remarkable electrical discoveries made by its use; 3 articles by B. F. Thomas: A Method of determining the centre of gravity of a mass with an illustration; Two forms of apparatus for Boyle's law with 2 illustrations; and A new heliostat with an illustration; The static telephone by Prof. A. E. Dolbear; Report of the committee on indexing the literature of chemical elements; The kinetic theory of the specific heat of solids and A kinetic theory of melting boiling by H. T. Eddy; On y-dichlordibrompropionic and y-dichlorbromacrylic acids by C.F. Mabery; The sub-aqueous dissociation of certain salts with a graph; Suggestions for computing the speed of chemical reactions; Twelve months of lysimeter record at the New York agricultural experiment station by E.L. Sturtevant; The composition of American wheat and corn with a table; The sotol, A Mexican forage plant; American butters and their adulterations by H. W. Wiley; A Comparison of terr-cotta lumber with other materials; Improvements in shaping-machines; Regularity of flow in double-cylinder rotary pumps; The early History of the North American Continent; and The Remington Type-Writer by Richard A. Proctor with an illustration. pp. 255-298. Covers are advertisements for Photo-Engraving, Park Place, N.Y. and Electrical Test Instruments.. Additional page front and back with advertisements, before articles. ex.-mus. stamp and numbers on front cover. Some small chips on side and bottom edges.Spine split up 6" but covers still intact. overall exterior is Good.. Interior is tight, clean and VG+. Around borders some age-toning, not on text. 
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15 SCIENCE, August 7, 1885. Volume VI. No. 131
Cambridge The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good+ Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Etchings, Maps, 
From Famous Americans in Letters to the Editor: JOSEPH F. JAMES "An abormal Rudbeckla" with an illustration; and WM. H. BREWER "The ginkgo tree"; also under Letters to Editor: "The swimming-habits of the sunfish" by John A. Ryder with an illustration of "Mola Rotunda". Other articles: "Exploration in Indo-China" with 4 illustrations including a map of proposed railways; "The Telephone in Paris" with a map "showing Paris and the distribution of telephones"; "Around Africa" with 2 head "portraits" of "Natal Caffre and Sulu Maiden". ex.mus. stamp on front cover. Tiny chipping around bottom edge. Overall covers are Good+. Interior is tight, clean and VG. 
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16 SCIENCE, December 11, 1885. Volume VI. No. 149
New York The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good+ Science Size: Approx. 7 1/2" x 10 1/4" Tables 
With Science Supplement. Some articles: "A National University"; "The Decay of the Obelisk"(in Central Park) by ARNOLD HAGUE; " The Meeting of the American Public Health Association" with diagram exhibiting the comparative mortality by absolute number of decedents from fifteen most important causes of death, in Rhode Island, during 25 years, from 1860 to 1884; "Telpherage"(in England) with 4 illustrations, under Astronomical Notes: "Two new comets" with table and "The Biela comet meteor-stream" with table. Articles by or about Famous Americans: in Letters to the Editor:E. J. JAMES "NEWCOMB's Political Economy"; and H. M. PAUL "The Biela comet meteor-stream". In Science Supplement: G. BROWN GOODE " Recent Challenger Monographs"(report of Challenger Expedition); "Heights in France"(of country's inhabitants) with map; and "Progress in Metallurgy". Tipped in one page: THREE NEW PORTRAITS OF WASHINGTON". Covers only 1/5 attached, but covers "intact". Slightly soiled. ex.mus. stamp on front cover. Slight chipping at edges. label residue covering up part of "title" contents. Some creasing. Overall covers are Good. Interior is tight, clean and VG+. Supplement is in VG condition. 
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17 SCIENCE, December 18, 1885. Volume VI. No. 150
New York The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good+ Science Size: Approx. 7 1/2" x 10 1/4" Etching 
With Science Supplement. Some articles: "The Meeting of the American Public Health Association"; "The government and its scientific bureaus" and "Methods of teaching political economy". Articles by or about Famous Americans: in Letters to the Editor: "NEWCOMB's Political Economy"; LESTER F. WARD "A National university"; P. J. FARNSWORTH "The English sparrow"; and WILLIAM FERREL "The temperature of the moon". In Science Supplement:.I. C. RUSSELL "North Carolina coal-fields"; "Laying a Cable" (joining the two islands Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket); "Physics at Johns Hopkins"; and "The American ferret" with an illustration of one. Covers slightly soiled. Slight chipping at edges. Overall covers are Good+. Interior is tight, clean and VG+. Supplement"s edges lightly soiled/chipped, otherwise in VG condition. 
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18 SCIENCE, January 16, 1885. Vol. V. No. 102
Cambridge, MA, The Science Company 1885 Wraps Good- Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Sketches 
Articles by Famous Americans: JOHN TROWBRIDGE "Recent advances in electrical science"; J. W. POWELL "The administration of the scientific work of the general government"; J. R. BARTLETT "Some recent experiments with oil in stopping breakers"; ADOLPH F. BANDELIER "Bandelier's Archeological Tour in Mexico" with illustration of " The Great Mound at Cholula"; and BENJAMIN GOULD "The Argentine Zone Catalogue" with 2 illustrations of " Dr. Gould's Observatory at Cordoba" and "View of Corboba from Dr. Gould's Observatory" also in Letters to the Editor-J. S. DILLER " Coal in the Chico group of California"; HENRY W. HAYNES "Man in the stone age"; and B. G. WILDER " The use of slips in scientific correspondence". Includes other scientific articles. pp41-62. Covers detached. Top front corner torn-have "detached" piece, 3"x2". ex. mus. stamp on front cover. 3" tear and small chippings around edges. Mildly soiled. Good- exterior. Interior is tight, clean and Very Good. 
Price: 42.50 USD
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19 SCIENCE, July 29, 1887
New York The Science Company 1887 Paperbound Good to Good+ Science Size: Approx. 9" X 12" Engravings 
Some Articles: Topographical Survey of the United States by Henry Gannett with tables and 3 illustrations; Junker's Travels in Central Africa with map and The Dermo-Tensor Patagii Muscle by R. W. Shufeldt with 3 illustrations. ex.mus. mailing label and numbers on front cover. Slight soiling around edges, otherwise VG exterior. Interior is clean, tight and VG+. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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20 SCIENCE, June 6, 1884. Volume III. No. 70
Cambridge The Science Company 1884 Wraps Very Good Science Size: Approx. 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" Etchings, Chart 
Articles by Famous Americans: FREDERICK SCHWATKA: The Middle Yukon with 9 illustrations; in Letters to the Editor: G. BROWN GOODE: The invention of the vertical camera in photography with photo engraving illustration; and CHARLES C. ABBOTT: Hibernating mammals. Other articles: " The conic projection in oceanic cartography" with a North-Atlantic track-chart. " The Royal Society of Canada"; and " Calderwood's Mind and Brain". Mildly chipped covers at side edge. Overall covers are Very Good. Faint vertical crease down the middle. Interior is tight, clean and VG. 
Price: 55.00 USD
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